Personal Training

Looking to boost your fitness and wellbeing?
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RealFitness guarantees improvement for you when training with our Elite Personal trainers and wellness partners.
Experience our no fuss difference.

RealFitness is serious about good outcomes for you.

Our Elite Personal Training Programs are based on Industry best practices and knowledge, so that we help you achieve your fitness goals. We have the knowledge, the equipment and know-how for you to achieve your goals. A no-nonsense and proven program that works.

Specific goals and a specific plan to make sure you get there.

Creating the ultimate muscle building program or weight loss program is not a guessing game.
RealFitness will assist you in achieving your ideal health and wellness goals. We have a membership and training programme ideally suited to your needs.

Kickstart your Health and Wellness Journey. Join RealFitness to achieve your health and fitness goals. If you are just starting your health and fitness journey and want to make sure that you do everything correctly.

RealFitness is your wellness partner, a gym where you’re a name – not a number and staff that care.

Train with our Elite Personal Trainers and experience the difference. Our Personal trainers and health partners are leading experts in the health and wellness industry. Our Personal Training is based on Industry Best practices and knowledge.

Personal Training

Specific goals and a specific plan to make sure you get there.

RealFitness is serious about results. We adopt a no-nonsense approach to guarantee results.

Achieve outstanding gains in physical fitness, strength and endurance. At RealFitness we are serious about health and wellness, our Elite Personal Trainers are selected on merit by their qualifications and understanding of latest industry knowledge and practices.

As a result we have comprehensive health programs to help you achieve your short and long term goals. A no-nonsense and proven custom programmes that work.

Join our membership and you won’t look back.

Benefit from the skills and experience of our trainers and wellness partners.

With us achieve your expectations of well-being, strength and fitness.


1 person

$55 for 1 training session
$450 for 10 training sessions ($45 each)

2 people

$50 for 1 training session
$400 for 10 training sessions ($40 each)

3 people

$45 for 1 training session
$350 for 10 training sessions ($35 each)

$10 per class

Result Oriented Classes

Classes include:

  • Strength and Conditioning
  • High Intensity Interval Training
  • Cardio and Fat Burn Thermogenic

Ignite your metabolism and shift your body into burning more calories and fat for 24 hours and longer after your training is over for the day. Regular exercise will boost EPOC; excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, and FastTrack your ability to achieve ideal weight and fat –loss goals. This can quickly add up if you perform several Results Oriented Group Training sessions each week.

Classes held weekly at set times


On a budget but still want an exercise plan that will guarantee success? RealFitness will support you in achieving your health and wellness goals.

  • Our Elite Specialist Personal Trainers will develop an individualised training plan and will monitor your month to month progress- supporting you to achieve your goals.
  • RealFitness Personalised Training Plan provides you a tailored personalised training plan that is researched and designed to support you in achieving your specific health, strength and/ or weight loss goals.


  • Gain insight and understanding of the quintessential requirement of any health and fitness program.
  • Develop an understanding of the nutrition habits that are consistent in developing a leaner and healthier you.

The RealFitness Elite Personal Trainers have the necessary experience and they are passionate about our members achieving results.


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