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Are you looking to boost your fitness and achieve your goals but seem to be lacking the knowledge or motivation to make the right start?

That’s no longer an issue thanks to Real Fitness. With a personal trainer, Willagee, O’Connor and residents can get fit fast. Our clients can transform their bodies and achieve their fitness goals quicker than expected at our equipped gym. We look at providing the knowledge, support and motivation you need to get fit and enjoy doing it.


At Real Fitness, we know your goals are important to you, which is why we can provide you with an experienced personal trainer who will push you and have the knowledge base to ensure you succeed. To help you get the amazing results you want, we only work with trainers that have a high level of confidence and the qualifications to back them up. Our PT’s work with you to achieve the outcomes you desire and can work with anyone, regardless of their current fitness level.


Our personal trainers provide Fremantle, Willagee and O’Connor residents with a convenient service for an affordable price. We have various options available to cater to their needs. Whether you are looking for a one off session or want to make a regular, ongoing commitment, we have a solution for you. . All sessions are 45 minutes to 1 hour in duration and can be booked at reception. Your session may consist of high intensity cardio, smashing the pads with your boxing gloves, hitting the machine weights - either way your journey will be worth it!

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