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Real Fitness is a gym that bridges the gap for people who like the convenience of 24 hour gym O'Connor access but long to actually train in a ``real`` gym.


Are you looking to boost your fitness and achieve your goals but seem to be lacking the knowledge or motivation to make the right start?


Real Fitness believes in Real Classes - not the computer screens our competitors use.


Just starting out on your fitness journey and want to ensure you do everything effectively?

Get Real progress with whatever level of motivation you need.

Realfitness can help by being flexibly tuned to your individual needs

Our Personal Trainers will design the optimal training routine for you.

We will provide a timetable enabling you to achieve your desired fitness level and answer your questions regarding health, fitness, working out or anything else in the wellness arena.

Your 24 Hour Gym in O’Connor

See the Real difference

If you are looking to boost your fitness levels, get in shape and make a positive life change, choose Real Fitness. As a 24 hour gym in O’Connor, near Palmyra, we make it easy for people to work out at a time that suits them.

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